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R. Jeffery Allan's mission is to help turn your house into a uniquely modeled home you will be proud to live in and proud to show.

Our artisans collaborate with you, your contractor, architect, interior decorator, or finish carpenter to create perfect one-of-a-kind home furnishings that will reflect your taste and style.

Custom Handcrafted Wood Funiture

unique handcrafted wood mantels, furniture, and stairs custom made to your exacting specifications

R. Jeffery Allan artisans and craftsmen represent five generations of wood-working knowledge, experience, skills, and techniques.

Specializing in custom woodwork for fireplace mantels, furniture, and stairs, we excel in creating carvings, inlays, and specialty moldings. We can match any existing woodwork and moldings your home may already have.

Our talented artisans work with all types of wood from domestic to foreign, common to the exotic and compliment them with a variety of high-end finishes.

With your inspiration, we'll turn your home interior into an exquisite arcitectural work of art!

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